Please check the calendar below for availability before making a reservation. Look over the terms & conditions to find answers for most questions. Answers regarding pricing & making your reservation are found under FAQ's.

Feel free to call, text, email, or chat for any other questions or concerns:

p. 865-453-0124 | c. 256-636-1561




Is there a camp deposit?

Yes, a deposit of $400 is due at the time of booking. Camp Smoky retains $200 for deep cleaning and restocking, and the other $200 may be returned to your group IF the "Group Responsibilities" are followed. 

What is the cost per person?

We only charge $15 per person per night so that your group can focus on the more important aspects of your trip as well as save money for some fun in Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge!

Is there a certain check-in/check-out time?

Check-In time is 3pm unless otherwise discussed with the Camp Caretakers beforehand.  Check-out time is 11am on the last day of your reservation.  If you need to leave earlier or later than the standard time, please confirm with our Camp Caretaker before packing up.  

What responsibilities will our group have on campus?

We ask that you clean up & pick up after yourself and leave the camp in at least the same condition it was in when you arrived. You can see a detailed list of responsibilities here & our Caretakers will provide a printed copy of it when you arrive. 

What does Camp Smoky provide for my group?

We get asked this quite a bit, so we wanted to provide a list of the many resources and equipment provided to you at no additional cost!  Because these items are shared by each group, we ask that you treat them with care to keep us from having to replace them so often. A list of provisions can be found here.

What is the reservation process like?

We've made a few changes, so now you can complete your reservation in 3 simple steps!

  1. 1) Read our "Rental Contract"

  2. 2) Check the Availability Calendar 

  3. 3) Submit your Reservation Form here


Availability Calendar

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