Please read these Terms and Policies carefully.  Please call if there are any questions.  


Making Reservations

Camp Smoky Christian Retreat is available to discuss your event requirements and to arrange a tour of the campus if you wish.  If you cannot find the information that you need in these Terms and Policies or on our website, feel free to call the associational office at 865-453-0124 or Robert Nichols (ADOM) at his cell at 865-603-0701 or the camp office at 865-436-5787 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call David Burkett, Caretaker at 865-654-9732 (cell). Price rate information is available in this article or in the “Camp Pricing” article on this website. Please complete the “Registration/Rental Contract” and submit with the deposit to the Booking’s address as soon as possible and within one month of the initial verbal agreement. (Two 2 Weeks for the Registration Form & Two 2 more for the Deposit)  The Contract may be printed and completed by hand and mailed or faxed (assn. fax) 865-453-4696 (camp fax) 865-436-5757.

It may be completed as an attached scanned document to an email or reservations can be made with this website’s interactive online document.

Camp Smoky Christian Retreat does not assume responsibility for loss of desired date due to Rental Contract and Deposit not being submitted to our office in a timely manner within the month time frame. Your penciled-in registration will be dropped.   

Camp Smoky Christian Retreat reserves the right to book other groups or events on the property and to assign lodging facilities according to group size if the two groups request the same dates.  If you wish to rent Camp Smoky Christian Retreat exclusively; an additional fee of $150 a day is applied. 

A Reservation/Damage/Cleaning/Liability for Missing Items Deposit of $200 for all groups (transferable within 1 year of original booking date) will be required to confirm your reservation.  

Cost: (per night) Out of Town Groups:

Group size (1-20 persons) minimum payment of $280 per night

Group size (21-150) rate changes to $14 per person per night

Sevier County Group Rates:

Group size (1-20 persons) minimum payment of $200 per night

Group size (21-150) rate changes to $10 per person per night


Camp Smoky Christian Retreat will confirm your reservation upon receiving the completed Rental Contract

and successful processing of your deposit. We will acknowledge receipt of your reservation via your email address. You can pay online using the "Donate" link and you must add 3% to your total for using PayPal. If you send a check the 3% is not added to your deposit or your total due.


Explanation of Payment in Full for your Group’s Stay:

Full payment is required before your group’s departure.

Payments can be made by cash or check or by using the PayPal link. 

Checks should be made payable to Camp Smoky Christian Retreat.

Any other amounts that are incurred before or during the event (e.g. extra guests, damages, missing items) will be charged at the end of the event.   


$100 of the Reservation/Damage/Cleaning/Liability for Missing Items Deposit will be returned by mail after an inspection of the cleanliness of the facilities and that it is determined that there are no damages or missing items.  The other half of the deposit, $100, is automatically retained for deep detailed cleaning with clorox in-between groups. This deposit will not be deducted from our total due.  This deposit is handled completely separately.  If the facilities are not cleaned very well by sweeping and mopping the floors, collecting all trash and reorganizing and cleaning all kitchen, bathroom and camp equipment, the deposit will be retained by the Camp Administration and not returned nor deducted from the total due.  For help with cleaning material and for maintenance issues, call David Burkett, Caretaker at 865-654-9732.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation of an event/retreat may be done via phone or email as early as possible only by the person responsible for the original reservation.  The deposit is 100% refundable if cancelled up to 30 days prior to the retreat dates and 50% refundable if cancelled up to 15 days prior to the retreat dates.  The deposit is non-refundable if cancelled within 14 days prior to the retreat dates.  The deposit is transferable within 1 year of original booking date.  A second cancellation will result in the full deposit being forfeited. (booking/retreat dates begin with the first day of said event/retreat)  



Click “Videos and Photos” then click on any one of the Facility links to view the campus.    Meals are prepared by your group. An industrial kitchen is available in the Hill Building and a normal size family kitchen is available in the Pickle Building. All beds are twin size bunk beds except the hotel rooms.


Camp Smoky provides: toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, dish/clothes, washing detergent, coffee, creamer, sugar, cleaning supplies, trash bags, and firewood.


Fireplaces-Fire Pit

Please check with the Caretaker, David Burkett at 865-654-9732 before any fireplace is used.  The fire pit sits around 50 persons on benches and there is space to sit outside the ring.  Bring and use your own lawn chairs if there is a desire to use this area to sit more than 50 persons.  Please do not use our metal folding chairs outside on the grounds.



Each group is allowed to schedule usage of the fields and equipment through the Camp’s office.  There is some equipment and it is suggested that you bring your own for specific activities.  Contact David to use our equipment and also indicate your needs on the “Rental Contract”.    


Swimming Pool

Swim at your own risk. No life guard on duty. Pool opens and closes in accordance to the “Quiet Hours”. It opens at 6:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm.


Telephone and Internet

If your group leaders need to access the Internet, Wi-Fi is available in the Hill Building.  You must bring your own computer.    



We are sorry that pets are not allowed on the property.  Exceptions are made for service dogs, but they must be kept indoors at night.  Please notify the Associational Director of Missions or Camp Caretaker in advance so that arrangements can be made.    



Each group will need to assign a night-time emergency contact person; the Camp Caretaker, David, should know this person’s name and sleeping location.  In the event of an overnight emergency only the emergency contact person or group leader should contact the Caretaker.  This emergency contact person or group leader is also responsible for greeting guests that arrive at Camp Smoky Christian Retreat after 9 p.m. who need to be shown to their rooms.  We do not have an on-staff nurse but we have basic first aid supplies.  If you need serious medical attention, the nearest hospital is LeConte Medical Center, located at 742 Middle Creek Rd. in Sevierville.  If your group includes minors, we recommend that you obtain a signed, notarized medical release form from the minor’s parent.  Tennessee state law requires parental permission before treating a minor.    


Medical Issues

Please notify the Associational Director of Missions or Camp Caretaker prior to your arrival of any individuals that might require extra assistance.   This includes regular basic assistance and in a specific medical crisis (e.g. wheelchair/walker usage, vision/hearing impairment, anaphylaxis) etc.  We will assist all that we can and will make adjustments whenever possible to facilitate your visit.  However due to the nature of our facilities, organizers and guest need to inform us of any special requirements or limitations prior to coming to the facilities.  Please read the Liability Release Statement for more information about handling medical emergencies.


General Rules and Information

Violations of rules will be subject to surcharges and/or you will be asked to leave and not return.   Groups are expected to leave the facilities clean.

THIS IS A DRUG FREE, ALCOHOL FREE AND TOBACCO FREE FACILITY!  Illegal or illicit drug use will be reported immediately to law enforcement.  Guests who use any of these substances on the premises will be asked to leave and not allowed to return for the reserved dates and will not receive a refund.

We are a Christian Retreat Center.  

No pornography.

No profanity.

Do not remove cups, plates, trays, or utensils from dining hall.

Keep your trash picked up.

Health regulations require shirt and shoes in the dining hall.

No running in the buildings.

No climbing on the buildings, monuments, roofs, or trees.

Place all paper towels and feminine hygiene products in trashcans, not in the commode or on the floor.   Do not flush anything that is not meant to be flushed (e.g.  drink cans, bottles, etc.) If you find something broken or out of order, please tell the Camp Caretaker immediately.  


To keep Camp Smoky Christian Retreat as beautiful and nurturing as can be; we ask that all attendees show consideration towards other guests, staff, environment and inhabitants.  We observe a policy of avoiding the harm of others; including not killing or harming any form of wildlife no matter how small.  Please enjoy the plants and trees without cutting or picking them.  We want our nature to be enjoyed by all.  


We ask for quiet time to be observed from 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.  In the event that there are two groups on campus at the same time, please be respectful of each group and observe our quiet time.


  Camp Smoky Christian Retreat welcomes guests regardless of race, nationality, age, class or abilities/disabilities.    


Robert Nichols, Associational Director of Missions (ADOM)


We have Great Prices - Just $14 a night per person with a $200 deposit!
You can pay online using the "Donate" link and you must add 3% to your total for using PayPal. If you send a check the 3% is not added to your deposit or your total due.
Our camp sleeps 156 persons - 144 Persons in Bunk Beds & 6 Couples in the Hill Building Hotel Rms, the Pickel Building can accommodate a separate group of up to 35 persons - the Hill Building can  accommodate a separate  group of up to 84 persons.
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Evangelism/Discipleship Helps

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    Our new Just Be A Friend web site, is dedicated to providing Evangelism & Discipleship Helps to local churches to encourage their congregation to get out into their communities to share Christ wherever the need.


"Camp Smoky has been such a blessing to the Children's Ministry at Woodland Park Baptist Church.  We began coming to Camp Smoky in 2015 and would not consider anywhere else for our annual Summer Kidz Kamp.  The staff do everything within their power to make our stay there comfortable.  They even chase the bears away for us.  Lol.  If you are looking for a great place to take your kids, teens or adults, check it out.  You won't be disappointed."
Carl W. Willis, Children and Family Pastor
Woodland Park Baptist Church, Chatt., TN