Camp Smoky Christian Retreat “Registration Form/Contract”

Hill Building - Recommended for Groups of 36 - 75 in Bunk Beds  (2/4/16)

Pickel Building - Recommended for Groups of 35 and Less in Bunk Beds

Call or email to discuss and confirm dates before submitting the online Registration Form/Contract. To book the “Hill” or “Pickel” Building, fill out and submit this form via either mail or on line. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your Registration Form and also 100% confirmation of the requested dates. Your booking is completed upon receipt of the $200 Deposit. You may use the online credit card process through PayPal or mail it to us. You can pay online using the "Donate" link and you must add 3% to your total for using PayPal. If you send a check the 3% is not added to your deposit or your total due. Either way, there is a 2 week deadline for receipt of the deposit after receipt of your Registration Form/Contract. You will receive email confirmation of receipt of deposit.


Physical Address: Mailing Address:
3311 Camp Smoky Lane Camp Smoky
Sevierville, Tennessee  37876 PO BOX 4099
Web: Sevierville, Tennessee  37864


Group Name:                                                           Contact Person:                                                          

Mailing Address:__________________________________________City:                                            State:             Zip:                         

Mobile Phone:  (____) ______________          _ Other Phone:  (____) _______________                   _  


We will confirm via email to address given above.  

Event Information:

Estimated # in your group (# of campers should not exceed 150): _______  Number of nights ____   

                    Requested Arrival Date:   _____/_____ /_____   Estimated Time of Arrival:  __________            

                    Departure Date:  _____/ _____ /_____   Estimated Time of Departure:  __________      

Circle all that apply for your event:   Religious        Company/Work        Children        Youth        Adults       Family Reunion 

Please note that no dates are secured and reserved until Camp Smoky Christian Retreat has received your group’s 1. Registration Form/Contract, 2. your acknowledged agreement with the Rental Terms & Policies and 3. the required $200 deposit.  

Please check the facilities needed and the specific service or equipment needed for your retreat.  

Please note:  Linens, pillows, and bedding are not provided by Camp Smoky Christian Retreat and are your responsibility to bring for your use.    Camp Smoky reserves the right to put larger groups in the Hill Building and smaller groups in the Pickle Building because each building has self-contained kitchens. Hill Building Hotel rooms are furnished with linens.   

HILL BUILDING: Recommended for groups of 36 - 75.  yes_____  no_____(air conditioned/heated) sleeps 72 in bunk beds and an additional 12 in 6 Hotel rooms with a full size bed for leadership needing more rest. The Hill Building includes 2 large dorm rooms with bunk beds.  Each dorm sleeps 32 & includes 6 showers, toilets and sinks. If needed there is a bonus room which sleeps 8 with a full bathroom. The cafeteria doubles for meals and a meeting hall - Capacity: 80

Please confirm the use of the Hill Kitchen or not: yes_____  no_____ Gas Stove, Industrial Dish Washer, Ice Machine, Convection Oven, Walk-In Freezer,         Walk-In Cooler, Hot and Cold Serving Bars, Large Electric Griddle, Standard Refrigerator, 4 Sinks, Utensils/Pots, Pans, Cooking Trays/Sheets, Plastic Glasses, Plastic Serving Trays

*note:  your group may choose to bring your own disposable dining supplies.        

Please confirm the use of the Hill Game Room or not:  yes_____  no_____           2 Foosball Tables, Air Hockey, Ping Pong, Basketballs, Volleyball, Soccer Ball, Footballs, First Aid Room           

Hill 6 Hotel Rooms available only w a minimum of a two night stay. Please confirm the use of these or not:  yes_____ no_____ These are available for use on the bottom level. Each hotel room has a double bed and private bathroom. Please indicate number of rooms needed __________      

Please confirm the use of the Hill Fireplaces or not:  yes_____  no_____, cafeteria floor and dorm floor, firewood provided.

PICKEL BUILDING: Recommended for groups of 35 or less.  yes_____  no_____ The Pickel Building includes 6 dorm rooms with 12 bunk beds in each dorm room.  There is sleeping capacity for 72 people.  In this facility there are 2 large bathrooms with 3-4 showers in each bathroom.  The multipurpose common area includes a fully equipped kitchen with space for 30-35 persons.  The kitchen includes an electric stove, standard refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, cooking pots and pans, utensils, and a double sink. Your group may choose to bring your own disposable dining supplies.

Please indicate if the kitchen will be used or not:  yes: _____      no: _____     


The Atchley Building is a large air-conditioned/heated multipurpose auditorium with a large stage and has accessibility to the audio/visual equipment in that building.  There is seating capacity for 200 chairs.  There are six tables in this building.  A separate bathroom is located outside of this building.

Will you be needing the Atchley Building?      yes: _____    no: _____           

Will audio visual be needed in the Atchley Building?  yes: ____ no: _____


Some recreation supplies are available.            

Will you be using the recreation field?   yes: _____   no: _____  


This is a wooded/ closed course, discs are provided for a fun time.            

Will you be using the disc golf course?    yes: _____   no: _____  


Located behind the Ellis Building.  Seating capacity for 50. Many can stand around the perimeter.

Will you be using the fire pit?   yes: _____   no: _____ 


Equipment for up to 4 shooters at a time. Archery class provided,  yes: _____     no: _____

Specify day and time desired:______________________________________

POOL - Capacity: 45 - Pool closes at 10:00 pm. Swim at your own risk. No life guard on duty.   yes: _____   no: _____


Specify day(s) and time(s) desired:________________________________________________________

Insurance and Liability:   Each group reserving Camp Smoky Christian Retreat is liable for any damage and loss or injury that is incurred during your stay at the retreat center. Each group is to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with Liability Limits of at least $1,000,000 whenever possible.

Cleaning of the facilities by the group reserving the building includes:  sweeping the floors and mopping all spills and filth, collecting all trash and depositing in outside trash bin, reorganizing and cleaning the kitchen after use, cleaning the bathrooms and any equipment used during your stay. Clorox cleaning will be done by staff after your departure.

$100 of the Reservation/Damage/Cleaning/Liability for Missing Items Deposit will be returned by mail after an inspection of the cleanliness of the facilities and that it is determined that there are no damages or missing items.  The other half of the deposit, $100, is automatically retained for deep detailed cleaning with clorox in-between groups. This deposit will not be deducted from your total due.  This deposit is handled completely separately.

Supplies provided by Camp Smoky Christian Retreat include: toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, dish cloths, drying cloths, washing detergent, trash bags, coffee, creamer, sweetener and firewood.   Cleaning supplies will be provided in order for your group to leave the facility clean before departure.

Meals are not provided by Camp Smoky Christian Retreat and are the responsibility of the group.  Kitchen facilities are available at no extra cost. 


Director of Missions: Robert Nichols Camp Caretaker: David Burkett
Mailing Address:  
Camp Smoky Christian Retreat  
PO BOX 4099 David's Cell:  865-654-9732
Sevierville, Tennessee 37864 Camp Fax:    865-436-5757
Assn. Office:  865-453-0124 Camp Office: 865-436-5787
Robert's Cell:  865-603-0701  
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Assn. Fax: 865-453-4696  
Physical Address: Web:
Camp Smoky Christian Retreat  
3311 Camp Smoky Ln.  
Sevierville, TN 37876  

Statement of Contract:

I/We have read, understood, and agree to the Rental Terms and Policies for renting Camp Smoky Christian Retreat.  It is understood that we are responsible for sharing this information with our group.  We are therefore responsible for the conduct of our group while at Camp Smoky Christian Retreat.   I further understand that I am responsible for communicating with the Camp Smoky staff in order to have our needs met prior to reserving space.  

I understand that the minimum group charge stated in this contract is the least amount we will pay and that the total bill for our stay is due BEFORE our departure.  Camp Staff are to be made aware of departure time in order to receive this payment in full.  

We will accept responsibility for any and all damages to the camp facilities incurred during our stay.    We will pay any expenses due to these damages.

Checks, cash, money orders, credit cards with PayPal are forms of payment accepted.  

Camp Smoky reserves the right to refuse payments in the form of personal check and in this instance will accept the other forms of payment noted.   Should any legal action (example: bounced check) is required to collect amount due we accept responsibility for any and all attorney fees and court cost incurred due to failure to pay.  

Please note:  Camp Smoky reserves the right to put larger groups in the Hill Building and smaller groups in the Pickle Building because each building has self-contained kitchens.

Out of Town Groups:   

Group size (1-20 persons)   minimum payment of $280 per night

Group size (21-150 persons)   rate changes to   $14 per person per night

Sevier County Groups:

Group size (1-20 persons)   minimum payment of $200 per night

Group size (21-150 persons)   rate changes to   $10 per person per night

$200 Deposit (Please see deposit explanation above and in the “Camp Pricing” document)

I/We have read the Rental Terms & Policies document from the web site:  yes ____   no ____

Signature:  ____________________________________________

Printed Name: _________________________________________

Date:  _____/ _____ / _____

If using mail, please send signed Registration Form/Contract to the following address with the deposit of $200. Camp Smoky Christian Retreat Bookings, PO BOX 4099, Sevierville, Tennessee  37864

Camp Smoky Christian Retreat Bookings, PO BOX 4099, Sevierville, Tennessee  37864


We have Great Prices - Just $14 a night per person with a $200 deposit!
You can pay online using the "Donate" link and you must add 3% to your total for using PayPal. If you send a check the 3% is not added to your deposit or your total due.
Our camp sleeps 156 persons - 144 Persons in Bunk Beds & 6 Couples in the Hill Building Hotel Rms, the Pickel Building can accommodate a separate group of up to 35 persons - the Hill Building can  accommodate a separate  group of up to 84 persons.
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"Camp Smoky has been such a blessing to the Children's Ministry at Woodland Park Baptist Church.  We began coming to Camp Smoky in 2015 and would not consider anywhere else for our annual Summer Kidz Kamp.  The staff do everything within their power to make our stay there comfortable.  They even chase the bears away for us.  Lol.  If you are looking for a great place to take your kids, teens or adults, check it out.  You won't be disappointed."
Carl W. Willis, Children and Family Pastor
Woodland Park Baptist Church, Chatt., TN